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From the Managing Editor: Tom Ersin tom@graniteword.com

Tom Ersin, Managing EditorTom Ersin holds an advanced degree from Trump University, having risen to its most enlightened (and expensive) Operating Thetan Levels. No, wait — that’s his Scientology training. Common mix-up. All seriousness aside, Ersin is a rare Macomb County, Michigan, liberal (yes, THAT Macomb County). He’s also a communications professional and potential author of three other books and a pamphlet. His turn-ons are running his dog, Bob Barker, and railing about the lack of critical thinking.

The Blog

This site features Ersin’s weekly political commentary sharpening the satiric edge of critically thoughtful communication and current events. The commentary is backed up by citations, quotations, and facts. You’ll also find preview pieces from his book, Barack vs. the Anti-PC: Laying the Groundwork for a 2016 Donald Trump Presidential Run. Like the book, the articles appearing here offer a humorously serious look at “What the hell is going on” (– thanks to Donald Trump).

The Book

Barack vs. the Anti-PCDonald Trump often avers that he is anti-PC, against political correctness. But PC is simply the avoidance of terms and descriptions (and policies) that are discriminatory toward certain groups of people. His war on PC is a defense for the continued use of offensive, bigoted language (and policies) with apparent impunity. Vehemently opposing political correctness gives him a red anti-PC herring to hide behind.

Mr. Trump did not rise to the presidency on his good looks (or manners). The Republican Party made a deal with Beelzebub after Barack Obama’s 2008 election. In return for tea party support of anti-Obama obstructionism, the GOP looked the other way and gave tacit approval to race-baiting and xenophobia. The colossal mendacity (I saw Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) and lack of critical thinking was astonishing. The Donald saw his opening, and Republican leaders ultimately lost their influence. Forget tacitness (that’s a real word – we looked it up). Trump openly cheered the rampant intolerant nativism and anti-PC sentiment. The base cheered him back, and he took over their party.

Barack vs. the Anti-PC: Laying the Groundwork for a 2016 Donald Trump Presidential Run is a humorously serious, chronological commentary of articles and essays interspersed with quotes and headlines. The quotations and factual content are thoroughly researched and documented. Most of these articles were published originally in the author’s magazine FallacyReport.com during Obama’s first term and second campaign. The book lays out the gradual loss of Republican leaders’ control over their own party. By not denouncing the bigotry and misinformation, they unwittingly told their people anything goes. Donald Trump heard that message loud and clear. To its shock, the GOP establishment has now reaped what it has sown. Barack vs. the Anti-PC documents that sowing.

The Book Reviews

“A presentation of behind-the-scenes events most Americans are probably not aware of … literate, breezy, easy to understand and absorb … a sense of humor …”

  • Robert Hilliard, Ph.D., playwright, author of Phillipa and The Greener Trees

“Reminiscent of a Michael Moore documentary … I finished the book the same day it arrived and gifted copies to friends.”

  • Bob O’Brien, L.L.P., shrink

“Sharp wit, keen observations, and insightful interpretations … Future political historians will look back on Ersin’s book with a debt of gratitude.”

  • John Sheirer, English professor, author of Make Common Sense Common Again