(11/15/2018)     Like an Episode of “Maury,” Without the Paternity Test  [This title would be one thing if it were describing your average American dysfunctional family in a particularly tumultuous period. For dark, mysterious reasons, many people enjoy the vicarious thrill of watching others’ relationship problems explode on national television while being refereed by Maury Povich or Jerry Springer. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (— thanks to that other Jerry: Seinfeld). But the quote above is describing the White House.]

(11/8/2018)       Quintessential A**hole  [Donald is engaging in sore loser syndrome — as he always does when he loses. He actually berated certain losing Republican House candidates who put distance between themselves and the White House. Every other president understood their support was weak in certain geographic areas and that his party’s candidates had to adjust their strategy accordingly. No matter — the losing Republicans did not fully “embrace” Trump and Trumpism; therefore, they are dead to him.]

(11/1/2018)       Donald: Mendacious Monger of Fear  [It’s election crunch time, and Donald is desperate. A House controlled by Democrats will end his reign and worse. He has fabricated more misinformation and mongered more fear than ever before. He appears to have reached new ethical and moral lows. But we know it can always get worse. With Donald Trump, there is no bottom.]

(10/25/2018)     Jesus’ Abbreviated Principles — 7 Do’s and 13 Don’ts  [In the last few weeks before the 2018 midterm elections, Donald Trump has focused his evil rhetorical powers to promote fear, hate, and division like never before. This is his last stand and he knows it. Even if a GOP-controlled Senate refuses to remove him from office after an impeachment trial next year, Trump will be forced to resign in the face of massive corruption come to light.]

(10/18/2018)     Cry, Baby, Cry!  [On Sunday, President Trump submitted to a real interview with a real journalist, Lesley Stahl of CBS’ 60 Minutes. He felt compelled twice to declare, “I’m not a baby.” Donald spent the rest of the interview demonstrating that he is a baby. To cover for the Saudis, Donald is using the Kavanaugh defense: Something terrible obviously happened, but the evidence is pointing to the wrong party.]

(8/2/2018)         Lies, Damn Lies, and Swamp Metaphors  [“Drain the swamp” was always an empty slogan that meant nothing — and I mean NOTHING — to Donald Trump. It was a phony sales pitch, a focus-group-tested bald-faced lie. And his supporters bought it hook, line, and metaphorical sinker.]

(8/2/2018)         Wrap-It-Up Republicans  [The key question to these Republican obstructers is this: Why would you want to stop an investigation that is 1) attempting to ascertain how our 2016 presidential election was attacked and by whom, and 2) producing serious evidence of corruption within our own government?]

(7/26/2018)       President Trump Is an Addict  [Ultimately, one day Donald wakes up in the White House, with his drug paraphernalia of choice — a smartphone and a Twitter app — and the entire world as his audience. Like the drug-addled guitar player whose band gets a hit and suddenly finds himself swimming in riches and rock stardom, Donald, the hopeless mendacity addict, has begun to lose all control.]

(7/19/2018)       Hinky in Helsinki  [“My people came to me — (DNI) Dan Coats came to me and some others — and they said they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin — he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be [Russia].” (— Donald Trump) ]

(7/12/2018)       Trump’s Obsequious Factotums (— thanks Jake Tapper)  [In what sane, democratic universe do U.S. SCOTUS nominees, Cabinet secretaries, and most other administration luminaries feel continuously compelled to heap artificial fawning praise on their chief executive? And what competent, confident democratic leader requires this of his people?]

(7/5/2018)         “You Can’t Make a Difference” — Don’t Believe It  [“Where was the point when it was too late? Where was the point where if we’d all just risen up, if we’d just done something?” (— Michael Moore, predicting future questions about the results of current presidential crimes)]

(6/28/2018)       Man’s Inhumanity to Man  [In Trump’s America, we’re living the inhumanity again. Where are the Mr. Eggens — the junior high school teachers — to prepare students to think critically as adults? Where is the soul of the GOP? Supreme Court “swing-vote” Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement. If ever there were a time for critically thoughtful, caring patriots to mobilize and stand up to an autocratic, plutocratic leader and his invertebrate, cowering congressional majority, it is now.]

(6/21/2018)       Trump’s Zero Tolerance Exposes Zero Humanity  [Steve Schmidt: “Today I renounce my [30-year] membership in the Republican Party. It is fully the party of Trump. It is corrupt, indecent, and immoral. This [zero-tolerance] child separation policy is connected to the worst abuses of humanity in our history.”]

(6/14/2018)       Jong Un, You Were Wonderful Last Night (signed Donald)  [Putin could not have scripted this better himself: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un stumbling into a love affair. Donald is like an infatuated teenage boy; his new crush can do no wrong.]

(6/7/2018)         War of the Words (and the Worlds)  [Think of the Trump administration and Steven Spielberg’s 2005 movie War of the Worlds. A massive campaign of galactic devastation carried out by foreign evildoers overwhelms the United States and Earth. The same thing happens in Spielberg’s movie.]

(5/24/2018)       Galactic Mick Mulvaney Hypocrisy  [Mr. Mulvaney, here is a brief list of the legislative initiatives Republicans were for before they were against. Apparently, it was simple coincidence that they turned against these policies only after President Barack Obama began supporting them.]

(5/17/2018)       MAGA Good Ol’ Boys: “Wait — You mean we like Jews now!?”  [Trump moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem to promote peace. “Because nothing says ‘peace’ like 58 Palestinians killed, 2,700 wounded, renewed hostilities between Iran and Israel, the entire region aflame, and U.S. allies reeling” (— Dana Milbank).]

(5/10/2018)       Another Republican (Near) Deathbed Apology  [Why does it take imminent mortality for GOP politicos to clarify their values and make amends? John McCain has put a toe in the water, but apparently he is not yet sick enough to admit that choosing the galactically inept Sarah Palin as his running mate was a dangerous mistake.]

(5/3/2018)         Chronic Stress and the Love of a Good Dog  [In the Trump era, all of us who care about good government and the state of American democracy are living with health-damaging chronic stress. One antidote is a good dog, the greatest stress-reliever known to humankind.]

(4/26/2018)       Ronny Jackson: “But the President Gets to Do It!”  [Note to managers in the Trump administration: Do your thing — toxic leadership, self-enrichment, extravagant government spending — but keep it hidden. Do not outshine the boss.]

(4/19/2018)       Don’t Forget, Nikki: He’s Incompetent, Too  [Yes, there is an ever-cresting tsunami of presidential corruption news. But this week, in light of Ambassador Nikki Haley’s run-in with presidential vacuity, I want to get back to basics: Donald Trump is incompetent.]

(4/12/2018)       Trump’s Phony Victim Mentality (Though Comey Really Is out to Get Him)  [Under President Trump’s “leadership,” America is an embarrassment. We come off as a poor-me, pitiful victim of all the other countries in the world.]

(4/5/2018)         Outrage Fatigue and Trump’s Race to the Bottom  [There are two new resources to refresh your memory when the time comes: Amy Siskind’s book The List: A Week-by-Week Reckoning of Trump’s First Year (3/27/18); and New York magazine’s “501 Days in Swampland” (4/1/18), a list of White House corruption.]

(3/8/2018)         Credibility: Former Senator vs. MSD Students  [Surprisingly, the adult-film actress and the students have it — credibility, that is — and the senator and the president do not.]

(3/8/2018)         “DON’T CONGRATULATE, Bro!”  [The phrase “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” is destined to take its place among other Top 10 American pop cultural catchphrases such as “Don’t tase me, Bro!” and “You know, I’m, like, a smart person.”]

(3/8/2018)         Dear Rex, It’s Not You, It’s Me  [Donald tweet-fired his secretary of state. Now it’s reported Mueller has subpoenaed Russia-related documents from Trump Tower. Karma is a bitch — and then your porn star mistress wants to return the hush money and cancel the NDA.]

(3/8/2018)         Trumpism Lovers, Trump Haters  [There are Republicans who love Trump’s policies but hate the man. They hope Trumpism will live on after Donald is ousted. Sorry, guys. Trumpism dies without the Trump con — which is almost dead.]

(3/1/2018)         Security Clearances and Armed Teachers  [With this gun-control satire, I do not disrespect shooting victims or their families. I revere them. My sardonic disrespect is aimed squarely at President Trump who stupidly, selfishly promotes only gun-violence remedies the NRA can stomach.]

(2/22/2018)       “This Is Code Red”  [I will take no joy in the fact that we came to this point. But I will celebrate Donald’s downfall as evidence that our government could withstand the pernicious forces of Trumpism and complicit Republicans.]

(2/15/2018)       Constitutional Stress Test  [Don’t let the intricacies of the Trump-Russia affair make your eyes glaze over; keep an open mind and when the time is right, pay attention — your country depends on it]

(2/8/2018)         President Lies Again; Also, Dog Bites Man  [It’s a testament to the president that journalists and news organizations of utmost integrity finally decided they had no choice but to say it: Donald J. Trump is a liar and a racist]

(2/1/2018)         Paul Ryan Wants to “Cleanse” the FBI  [Paul Ryan and John Kelly have squandered their last remaining traces of integrity by supporting House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes in shilling for an immoral, unethical, criminal president]

(1/25/2018)      Trumplicans: “Russia, Russia, Russia!”  [As Special Counsel closes in on the president, Trump Republicans — Trumplicans — are going off the rails to defame FBI and Mueller]

(1/18/2018)       Republican Diaspora  [Anti-Trump Republicans are fleeing or being pushed out of the party’s new, Trumpian mainstream]

(1/11/2018)       Republicans Complicit  [Why does the GOP ignore and cover up likely criminal behavior and extreme national security lapses within the Trump administration?]

(1/4/2018)        Jerry Springer: Presidential Edition  [Everyone knew the Trump campaign didn’t expect to win. But who knew they didn’t WANT to win. Also, Steve Bannon: “Ivanka is dumb as a brick.”]

(12/28/2017)    Revisiting George Orwell in the New Year  [Analyzing Trumpist populism to defeat it; apparently, we have to think like his supporters]

(12/21/2017)    Politicos of the Lie  [GOP tax bill is the culmination of Donald Trump and company being able to lie blatantly to the American people without shame, guilt, or impunity (for now)]

(12/14/2017)    Dignity and Respect  [Doug Jones’ win hastens downfall of Trump and Trumpism]

(12/7/2017)      Flynn Flips — and so Does Flake, Collins, McCain, and the RNC  [As Russia probe threatens to suffocate White House, GOP Tax plan threatens to suffocate American middle and working class]

(11/30/2017)    Traditional Thanksgiving: Turn on the Game and Please Pass the Nativism  [President Trump’s racist appeal: Implementing discriminatory policies while denying they are discriminatory]

(11/22/2017)    Sexual Harassment: Degrees and Patterns  [And don’t give me that “locker-room talk” defense. Men don’t say those things in locker rooms or anywhere else unless they mean it.]

(11/16/2017)    The Embarrassment Tour  [World leaders do not respect nor trust President Trump; they are patronizing him while biding their time]

(11/9/2017)     “Trumpism Without Trump”: Going Down Like Trumpism WITH Trump  [After Democrats win big in Virginia and elsewhere: MAGA hats for sale — cheap]

(11/2/2017)     Stupid or Sleazy? — Or Both?  [President Trump tweets wild lie that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is to blame for Manhattan terror attack; but Donald really hurts feelings by saying “Democrat” instead of “Democratic”]

(10/26/2017)   Who Will Be the Edward Brooke of the Trump Era?  [He lies when it’s hot, and also lies when it’s cold. He lies to the young, and likewise lies to the old. He’s illegit. He’s unfit. (— apologies to Dr. Seuss)]

(10/19/2017)   Two-Headed Washington Panderer  [The art of the double cross. Also, hug an investigative reporter.]

(10/12/2017)   National Review: “Between the Hysterical and the Lunatic,” and More Sen. Corker  [The battle against not the “fake news” but using the term itself; false equivalency lives on and on]

(10/5/2017)     That Whole “Unable to Discharge the Duties of President” Thing, and Bob Corker  [The 25th and a ½ Amendment: presidential probationary period (just like McDonald’s)]

(9/28/2017)     Nobody Knew That Repeal and Replace Could Be so Complicated  [“The sick, the elderly, and the disabled will have to stand in front of Obama’s death panel so his bureaucrats can decide if they’re worthy of health care” (— Sarah Palin).]

(9/21/2017)     Please, Please, Mr. President, Don’t Call Me Rocket Man  [Kellyanne Conway is upset that some people are “easy with an insult … about our leader”]

(9/14/2017)     Hillary Deserves Her Say  [Now let’s expedite the inevitable. Contact your legislators and tell them a reasonable (Congress) person would be calling for President Trump’s resignation.]

(9/7/2017)       Trump Administration’s Metaphor Offense  [“Fire and fury,” “Locked and loaded” meet “Pissin’ in the wind”]

(8/31/2017)     Comic Relief: Casual-but-Stylish Disasterwear  [The president hawked merchandise at a disaster news conference. It’s time: Republicans should call for Trump’s resignation.]

(8/24/2017)     Teleprompter Trump vs. Wing-It Trump  [The only Trump inheriting a mess is Barron]

(8/17/2017)     President Trump Has No Bottom; It Will Get Worse  [After seven months of presidential gross incompetence and refusal to condemn neo-Nazis, Republicans must demand that President Trump resign]

(8/10/2017)     Fire and Fury, and Frankly Power (Ooh, “FRANKLY” Power!)  [President’s trash-talk toward Kim Jong Un carries little weight after years of lying con artistry]

(8/6/2017)       No, Sen. Jeff Flake, You Did NOT Do Enough  [But we still respect GOP never-Trumpers]

(7/26/2017)     Second Continental Congress, 45th President, and IBATR  [Aristotle: “The speaker or writer must be a person of good intentions, dedicated to truth, accuracy, and goodwill.”]