Orange Wall of Silence Is Crumbling

The impeachment inquiry has broken open this week. Former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch — one of the good guys — testified Friday she was pushed out because she was against extorting Ukraine to get dirt for Trump on his… Continue Reading →

“Mandate of Heaven”

[PAT ROBERTSON]: “President Trump is in danger of losing the mandate of heaven [over his Syria withdrawal].” This means God is OK with the other stuff: serial sexual assault; caging children like animals; ripping thousands of children from their parents,… Continue Reading →

Impeachment Train Has Sailed

The beans have been spilled, amazingly, by the White House itself. President Trump authorized the release of the rough transcript of his July 25, 2019, call to Ukraine’s new president, expecting the call’s contents to exonerate him. Donald’s corruption is… Continue Reading →

Impeachment Just Got Real

[DONALD TRUMP]: “There was no quid pro quo! Wait — ‘quid pro quo’ means video of prostitutes peeing on a bed, right?” September 24, 2019, is the day House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made a really official-looking address to the… Continue Reading →

GOP: Champion of States’ Rights, Except When They’re Not

We are intellectually exhausted. Either that or, as they say, not paying attention. Any new Trumpian outrage or corruption investigation is simply another teardrop in an ocean of patriotic discouragement and fear for our country. Few are listening anymore as… Continue Reading →

Sharpie-Gate: Trump Is the “Scarface” of Presidents

Mr. President, did you draw the black Sharpie half-circle on the weather service map to cover up your earlier tweet-mistake that “Alabama will most likely be hit (much) harder [by Hurricane Dorian] than anticipated”? And did you order your chief… Continue Reading →

It’s Literal: Trump Shoots Someone on Fifth Avenue, Loses No Voters

Last Monday, President Trump exited the front of Trump Tower with a Lady Bushmaster semiautomatic pistol borrowed from his daughter Ivanka. He insulted the doorman on his way out, stating the guy’s hair looked fake, then stepped into the middle… Continue Reading →

MAGA Christians Can Never Again Argue Character Matters

Donald, the conning salesman, launched a full-blown infomercial to pitch his Miami resort for 2020’s G7 summit. The only thing missing was the PowerPoint presentation and the timeshare hard sell after dinner when you and your spouse try to escape… Continue Reading →

Anti-Trump Curious

There are many Republican Anti-Trumpers. Unfortunately, none of those currently are serving in the U.S. legislature. I keep an ongoing list, which grows weekly. Some entries are Never-Trumpers, those who can boast they never supported the president and never will…. Continue Reading →

“There’s Never Been a President Like President Trump” (— DJT)

The irony of this self-admission is almost too overwhelming to take in. It’s like seeing the northern lights or Grand Canyon for the first time. The juxtaposition of universal vastness and personal smallness takes your breath away. In this case,… Continue Reading →

Dog Bites Man: Gun Violence Won’t Change Under Trump’s GOP

Much of the El Paso shooter’s online diatribe tracks closely with language President Trump has used since he launched his first campaign in 2015. Many observers submit that if you delete the blatant references to killing, Trump’s and the shooter’s… Continue Reading →

“Rat AND Rodent Infested Mess”

At first glance, it appears Donald doesn’t know rats are rodents. But he’s smarter than you. He wants his detractors to think he’s an incompetent, corrupt, cretinous, amoral con man from Queens who found himself rocketed into the high-dollar New… Continue Reading →

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