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“Blessed Are the Peacemakers,” Bunker Boy Trump Can Go to Hell

Can President Trump do NOTHING right? Is there really no bottom to his incompetent, venal responses to the three major crises facing our country today: a (still raging) pandemic; an economic depression; and civil unrest not seen since the 1960s?… Continue Reading →

Trump Owns all Future Churchgoer Pandemic Deaths

This week the U.S. passed its grimmest of milestones — 100,000 pandemic deaths — and President Trump ordered churches opened for business. The order doesn’t consider how any given state’s pandemic curve is trending or if that church is in… Continue Reading →

2020 Grads: No Presidential Role Model (or Soup) for You

I watched the virtual graduation ceremony for 2020 high school seniors. Their literal ceremony was preempted by a once-in-a-century pandemic. Didn’t recognize half the performing artists. To be expected. Did recognize the keynote speaker, Barack Obama. So nice to hear… Continue Reading →

“This Is Why the Whole Concept of Tests Aren’t Necessarily Great” (DJT)

This week, the United States passed the 80,000-pandemic-deaths marker. Contrary to MAGA supporters I wrestle with on social media, this IS the news — the man-bites-dog news. The 329,647,808 Americans who have not died from COVID-19 are the dog-bites-man news… Continue Reading →

Dog Bites Man: President Still Incompetent, Corrupt; Testing Still Widely Unavailable; WH Reopening U.S. Despite Exploding Red State Deaths

I love a raucous debate, ever since my firebrand 9th grade social studies teacher, Gerald (“Jerry”) Eggen, taught me how to be a respectful liberal, always mindful that the other side has facts, too. But the sad conclusion about most… Continue Reading →

Trumpism Is Lethal – Literally

The astonishing deadly circus that is the Trump presidency is like the Grand Canyon. Standing at the abyss, one person’s two eyes are incapable of comprehending the vastness. It can be perceived only through the big picture of reading books… Continue Reading →

Amid Pandemic Malfeasance, Don’t Forget: Trump Is Still a Literal Criminal

During this time of pandemic anxiety and death, it’s easy to forget the nightmare presidency that has led up to this crisis and enormously exacerbated its effects. Remembering that Donald is a literal criminal, multiple times over, can mitigate tragedies… Continue Reading →

I Got Your “Metrics” Right Here

Unfortunately, we know all too well about the metrics in Donald’s head. The criticism of President Trump is not to bash him (well, maybe a little). The primary purpose for keeping up the criticism is because it’s the only reason… Continue Reading →

For the Love of GOD! Donald, Please Resign

Experts and medical staff across the country are screaming, pleading for him to act. But every move he makes is about reelection. President Trump’s reprobate leadership has cost, and will cost, thousands of American lives through corrupt responses and non-responses… Continue Reading →

President Learns a New Word: “Aspirational”

President Trump learned the term “aspirational” this week. His aides floated the word in the days before his Easter-retraction press briefing March 29, and he said it several more times Sunday for good measure. After pushing for the Easter (April… Continue Reading →

Disbelieve This President Like Your Life Depends on It. It Does

Yes, students in 2040 or 2050 American History class, there once was a United States president who spoke like this in public. And not just the occasional slip of tongue or flare of misplaced, disingenuous passion. President Donald Trump spoke… Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Cried “No Wolf” — Wait … “WOLF!”

President Trump is the boy who cried “No Wolf.” He’s played down the crisis consistently for venal, self-serving purposes. Now that reality has slapped him upside the head, and he’s realized he can’t tweet-intimidate a virus into submission with junior… Continue Reading →

“I Don’t Need to Have the Numbers Double Because of One Ship”

Donald Trump lies. It is not exaggeration. It’s not “truthful hyperbole.” If only it were only truthful hyperbole. If only he knew the meaning of “hyperbole.” If only he knew the meaning of “oxymoron” — a truthfully hyperbolic “oxymoron.” Trump… Continue Reading →

Thank You, Selfless Democrats

A funny thing has happened. Viable moderate candidates have shown tremendous selflessness and patriotism by exiting the race just days before Super Tuesday to clear the way for Joe Biden. In a normal primary season, even weak candidates would stay… Continue Reading →

Trump Doesn’t Own the CDC — Yet

President Trump purports huge bragging rights for U.S. stock market performance. In his mind, the market IS the economy. To him, the daily Dow Jones Industrial Average is his identity, his plea for us to believe he’s a good president… Continue Reading →

Trump Persecutes Patriots, Pardons Pals, Pressures Prosecutors

By Monday, President’s Day, over 2 thousand former Department of Justice prosecutors and other officials had affixed their names to a letter calling for Attorney General William Barr to resign over his unethical interference in DOJ matters related to the… Continue Reading →

Censorship Through Noise

The unimaginable horror of a Trump reelection is becoming imaginable. Trump’s primary weapon is disinformation — $1 billion worth — and character-assassination-retaliation against anyone, friend or foe, who deviates from the White House disinformation script. Communications scholars call it “censorship… Continue Reading →

Trump Impeachment and the Legend of Mitt Romney

Romney’s vote to convict, along with several vulnerable red-state Democratic senators, robbed Trump of bragging rights to a “bipartisan acquittal.” Only four senators — one Republican, three Democrats — were in the chamber to hear Romney’s 10-minute speech that explained… Continue Reading →

Cult of the Senate: Lawlessness Run Amok

Trump defense team lawyers wrapped up their initial presentation to the Senate, using only about half the allotted 24 hours. Critics have issued their pull-quote reviews: “Feel-good impeachment of the year!” “Magical (not in a good way).” “Irrelevant.” “Mendacious.” “Hypocritical.”… Continue Reading →

“A Trial by any Other Name …” (Nice Play, Shakespeare)

The Founding Fathers took certain things for granted. When Madison texted Hamilton at 2 a.m. and asked, “u up?” the night before the Constitutional Convention’s 1787 vote, they didn’t hook up to hash out final arguments over the use of… Continue Reading →

Hillary Cleared of EVERYTHING by Trump’s DOJ, Nobody Cares

The biggest news of the week, which you likely missed, was that Hillary Clinton was cleared of all legal charges and (blatantly false) accusations from Trump World related to her emails, Uranium One scandal, Clinton Foundation hanky-panky, and anything else… Continue Reading →

One More Time: Trump Starts Fire, Takes Credit for Dousing It

I don’t claim to know the proper response when a foreign adversary kills one of our military contractors in a foreign war zone. I DO know that I don’t want a corrupt, incompetent, amoral commander in chief making those decisions…. Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays to Anti-Trump, Anti-War Republicans

Thank Jesus for the anti-Trump Republicans who have given us permission to say “Happy Holidays” again. During Donald’s War Against the War on Christmas, we were not allowed to combine Christmas and New Year’s greetings into one concise salutation. Instead,… Continue Reading →

Happy Christmas

We’re taking the holiday break off, to reflect on this season of thankfulness and giving. We’re THANKFUL for Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the Democratic House, all the impeachment inquiry witnesses, Justin Amash (I-Mich., formerly R-Mich.),… Continue Reading →

Impeachment of a Corrupt Projectionist

President Trump is big on declaring his best-ever, most-ever, first-ever accomplishments. In classic Trumpian fashion, Donald indeed has achieved two things no other American president has: 1) He is the first to be impeached in his first term; and 2)… Continue Reading →

Articles of Impeachment vs. MAGA Delusionists: Divine Juxtaposition

Americans’ support for impeachment has remained relatively static at 48% for, 45% against, even after the open congressional hearings that spelled out the bitter, impeachable truth in detail. This is due largely to the GOP’s wildly successful disinformation campaign. You… Continue Reading →

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