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I Got Your “Metrics” Right Here

Unfortunately, we know all too well about the metrics in Donald’s head. The criticism of President Trump is not to bash him (well, maybe a little). The primary purpose for keeping up the criticism is because it’s the only reason… Continue Reading →

For the Love of GOD! Donald, Please Resign

Experts and medical staff across the country are screaming, pleading for him to act. But every move he makes is about reelection. President Trump’s reprobate leadership has cost, and will cost, thousands of American lives through corrupt responses and non-responses… Continue Reading →

President Learns a New Word: “Aspirational”

President Trump learned the term “aspirational” this week. His aides floated the word in the days before his Easter-retraction press briefing March 29, and he said it several more times Sunday for good measure. After pushing for the Easter (April… Continue Reading →

Disbelieve This President Like Your Life Depends on It. It Does

Yes, students in 2040 or 2050 American History class, there once was a United States president who spoke like this in public. And not just the occasional slip of tongue or flare of misplaced, disingenuous passion. President Donald Trump spoke… Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Cried “No Wolf” — Wait … “WOLF!”

President Trump is the boy who cried “No Wolf.” He’s played down the crisis consistently for venal, self-serving purposes. Now that reality has slapped him upside the head, and he’s realized he can’t tweet-intimidate a virus into submission with junior… Continue Reading →

“I Don’t Need to Have the Numbers Double Because of One Ship”

Donald Trump lies. It is not exaggeration. It’s not “truthful hyperbole.” If only it were only truthful hyperbole. If only he knew the meaning of “hyperbole.” If only he knew the meaning of “oxymoron” — a truthfully hyperbolic “oxymoron.” Trump… Continue Reading →

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