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That Whole “Unable to Discharge the Duties of President” Thing, and Bob Corker

[The 25th ½ Amendment: Presidential Probationary Period (just like McDonald’s)] — RECENT HEADLINES — “President Tweets 18 Times Today About Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery; Attacks Residents as Lazy, San Juan Mayor as Incompetent, Infrastructure as Dilapidated” (9/30/2017) “Trump Tweets: ‘Tillerson… Continue Reading →

Nobody Knew That Repeal and Replace Could Be So Complicated

[“The sick, the elderly, and the disabled will have to stand in front of Obama’s death panel so his bureaucrats can decide if they’re worthy of health care.”] — RECENT HEADLINES — “’Little Rocket Man’ Kim and ‘Dotard’ Trump Push… Continue Reading →

Please, Please, Mr. President, Don’t Call Me Rocket Man

[Kellyanne Conway is upset that some people are “easy with an insult … about our leader”] — RECENT HEADLINES — “Paul Manafort Close to Indictment; Mueller Knocking on Oval Office Door” (9/20/2017) “President Trump Makes U.N. Debut, Gives First Speech… Continue Reading →

Hillary Deserves Her Say

[Now let’s expedite the inevitable] — RECENT HEADLINES — “Hillary’s Book ‘What Happened’ Released, Topping Best-Seller Lists and Drawing Crowds” (9/12/2017) “Russia Inquiry Heats Up; Attorneys Warn Trump Loyalist Clients: Don’t Lie for the Boss” (9/12/2017) “Hurricane Irma Victims Begin… Continue Reading →

Trump Administration’s Metaphor Offense

[“Fire and fury,” “Locked and loaded” meet “Pissin’ in the wind”] — RECENT HEADLINES — “Trump Takes Credit for Kim Jong Un ‘Backing Off’ His Threats Against U.S.” (8/16/2017) “N. Korea Successfully Tests ‘Missile-Ready’ Hydrogen Bomb; U.S. Threats Back On”… Continue Reading →

Comic Relief: Casual-but-Stylish Disasterwear

[It’s time: Republicans must call for Trump’s resignation] — RECENT HEADLINES — “Trump Grants Convicted Felon, Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Pre-Emptive Pardon” (8/25/2017) “New Trump Aide Email: ‘I Will Get Putin on This Program and We Will Get Donald… Continue Reading →

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