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New Zealand Needed Humanity — Trump Has None to Give

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told the American president that if he wanted to best support New Zealand during this time of tragedy, she urged him to express “sympathy and love for all Muslim communities.” In a classic Trumpian say-what-you-gotta-say-in-the-moment response,… Continue Reading →

NY Indicts Manafort on 16 Counts — Start Spreadin’ the News

“He’s lived an otherwise blameless life” should be memorialized on His Honor’s tombstone. Virginia Judge T. S. Ellis forever will be remembered in infamy for that sentiment, juxtaposed with Paul Manafort’s long career of traitorous work for dictators, serial tax… Continue Reading →

Who Among Us Hasn’t Fudged a Few Million Dollars on Their Taxes?

Donald Trump would like to convince you that these crimes weren’t that criminal. For starters, Donald says the Manafort crime is 12 years old. He lied about that, but for argument’s sake, let’s assume he’s right. In his mind, there… Continue Reading →

Second Michael Cohen Congressional Appearance

Michael Cohen has nothing to gain and everything to lose by misleading Congress again, now that he is beginning his long road to redemption. First, between Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Southern District of New York U.S. attorney’s office,… Continue Reading →

What if Even a Fraction of all This Is True?

It is maddening that Republicans don’t have enough humanity to wonder for a moment, “What if even a fraction of all this is true?” Clearly, they all would be busting veins in their necks if these same reports were about… Continue Reading →

(Climate Change) Denial Is Not a (Dried-Up) River in Egypt

The self-serving myopia is staggering. These old farts won’t be around to experience the ultimate damage to Earth, so they simply don’t care about the future. Donald has very young grandchildren, and he is unconcerned that they will have to… Continue Reading →

Trump SOTU Is So Bad

In the President Donald J. Trump era, the State of the Union has become almost meaningless, except to examine stakeholders’ reactions — and to see if Donald’s speech-reading skills have improved. He offers no policy specifics. He offers only trifling,… Continue Reading →

There IS Education in the Second Kick of a Kentucky Mule

Mitch McConnell is big on that old “second kick of a mule” Kentucky saying. I’m guessing we could find him invoking it even before 2013. With his leadership gone AWOL over the past month’s government shutdown, he has become famous… Continue Reading →

Man-Child Amendment

The Founding Fathers did not plan for a man-child president with a complete lack of empathy, propped up by a supporting political party of invertebrate, hypocritical sycophants. Oh, but the president has backbone. This man-child has the ability to stand… Continue Reading →

GOP Is a POLINO (“poe-LIE-no”): Party of Lincoln in Name Only

Kevin McCarthy averred Rep. Steve King’s latest racist remarks are “not the party of Lincoln.” The implication is, other than King, today’s Republican Party is Lincoln’s party. The GOP loves to say this. But that is hogwash, to use the… Continue Reading →

Ballad of Manafort and Veselnitskaya

The Manafort-Kilimnik connection clearly constitutes collusion. The Don Jr.-Veselnitskaya connection clearly constitutes collusion. Were the actions of Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. part of an illegal conspiracy to steal the 2016 presidential election? Did Donald Sr. know about it?… Continue Reading →

President Trump: Leading “With His” Behind

President Obama’s leadership style was characterized — wildly inaccurately by the opposition — as “leading from behind.” We could say President Trump is leading “with his” behind. This week, three enlightening articles were published about the current chief executive. All… Continue Reading →

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