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(2023) This book is about nuclear and extended family relationships: the good, the bad, and the dysfunctional. Have you ever wondered why certain members are manipulative, malicious, and even sociopathic, often attempting to split family? While others exhibit integrity and treat members with love and humanity? All of us are affected by our childhood. Many emerge well adjusted; some emerge fearful, angry, and lacking self-worth. We go on to further develop personal attributes, have families, and assume our orbits within the greater extended family constellation.

The manipulative and malicious members are driven by selfishness, greed, insecurity, and unfounded petty grievance — and sometimes by emotional or personality disorders. The majority of us, though always falling short of perfection, are driven by inherent love and respect, that is, humanity. Other, passive family members occupy the middle, trying to find their way, struggling with being manipulated, caught between integrity and weakness.

This book also is about recovery from dysfunction and building resilience, the ability to bounce back from tribulation and distress (possibly an entire adolescence’s worth) to be emotionally stronger. It’s about traveling the continuous road of self-improvement — seeking integrity over weakness — starting from wherever you find yourself right now. Or not.■   [Please leave a review.]