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(2022) Unlike the rom-com film Four Weddings and a Funeral, the story in this book, Trump’s Last Year in Office: Two Impeachments and 400,000 Funerals, was a preventable tragedy, a national apocalypse. From Mr. Trump’s extortion of Ukraine’s president, to the intentional venal mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, to fomenting a violent takeover of Congress and then implementing a literal coup attempt to retain power after his reelection loss, it was all preventable. How? By promoting a more critically thoughtful electorate. By nurturing a more empathetic population, less susceptible to selfish white grievance and more conscious of humanity as a whole.

This volume is a weekly roundup of the 2020 White House dysfunction and disruption that most people were too busy to keep up with because they had a life. Careful observers know that Mr. Trump did more damage to the presidency, American governmental institutions, and the rule of law in his first three years as president than likely any U.S. chief executive before him. But fortunately he had been confronted with no serious global crises, at least no crises he himself hadn’t created.

In early 2020 the crisis hit. A deadly pandemic brought the world to its knees. President Trump didn’t cause the plague, but his jackleg response produced a conservatively estimated 200,000 needless COVID-19 deaths, half the U.S. total during his administration (based on documentation).

How? The president wanted only to project optimism in the 2020 election year. He thought leading on pandemic prevention and medical equipment production would interfere with national optimism. Doing so, he believed, would hurt his economy, cost him reelection, and remove the presidential immunity that had been shielding him from myriad legal and financial investigations and prosecutions. Instead he took the lead on playing down, ignoring, and politicizing the crisis.

The story of President Trump’s last year in office also includes the obsequious enabling of his crimes and other depravity by almost all elected Republicans in Congress. They protected him in committees. They defended him in the media. And they shielded him with their impeachment acquittal votes in spite of the deadliest and most despicable atrocities ever committed by an American president.■   [Please leave a review.]