Trump Owns all Future Churchgoer Pandemic Deaths

This week the U.S. passed its grimmest of milestones — 100,000 pandemic deaths — and President Trump ordered churches opened for business. The order doesn’t consider how any given state’s pandemic curve is trending or if that church is in… Continue Reading →

2020 Grads: No Presidential Role Model (or Soup) for You

I watched the virtual graduation ceremony for 2020 high school seniors. Their literal ceremony was preempted by a once-in-a-century pandemic. Didn’t recognize half the performing artists. To be expected. Did recognize the keynote speaker, Barack Obama. So nice to hear… Continue Reading →

“This Is Why the Whole Concept of Tests Aren’t Necessarily Great” (DJT)

This week, the United States passed the 80,000-pandemic-deaths marker. Contrary to MAGA supporters I wrestle with on social media, this IS the news — the man-bites-dog news. The 329,647,808 Americans who have not died from COVID-19 are the dog-bites-man news… Continue Reading →

Dog Bites Man: President Still Incompetent, Corrupt; Testing Still Widely Unavailable; WH Reopening U.S. Despite Exploding Red State Deaths

I love a raucous debate, ever since my firebrand 9th grade social studies teacher, Gerald (“Jerry”) Eggen, taught me how to be a respectful liberal, always mindful that the other side has facts, too. But the sad conclusion about most… Continue Reading →

Trumpism Is Lethal – Literally

The astonishing deadly circus that is the Trump presidency is like the Grand Canyon. Standing at the abyss, one person’s two eyes are incapable of comprehending the vastness. It can be perceived only through the big picture of reading books… Continue Reading →

Amid Pandemic Malfeasance, Don’t Forget: Trump Is Still a Literal Criminal

During this time of pandemic anxiety and death, it’s easy to forget the nightmare presidency that has led up to this crisis and enormously exacerbated its effects. Remembering that Donald is a literal criminal, multiple times over, can mitigate tragedies… Continue Reading →

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