Progressive Babies (Cut off Nose, Spite Face)

~SUMMARY~ It’s bad enough I have to fight with Trump Republicans: brainwashed MAGA cult members for whom absolutely nothing matters. I’ve also encountered a group of “true progressive” babies who want to boycott Joe Biden and blow it all up… Continue Reading →

“A Dog Biscuit in Every Pot!”

~SUMMARY~ We already know Donald is corrupt to the core. We already know he’s a liar, a traitorous cheat. We already know he holds deep contempt for the military and he’s a serial sexual pig. Now with Bob Woodward’s new… Continue Reading →

Trump Supporters: Here Are the True Deal-Breakers

~SUMMARY~ [FACT]: Virtually all racists support Donald Trump over Joe Biden. I’m not saying President Trump is a racist. Draw your own conclusion. Now consider Donald’s “pro-life” people who want to repeal Roe v. Wade at the expense of everything… Continue Reading →

Trump Doctrine: “Every Day It’s Something Else. Who Cares?”

~SUMMARY~ In unguarded conversations released this week, President Trump’s older sister, former federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, exposed him to the world for what he is: a cruel, ignorant grifter. This revelation would end any other politician’s career. Donald’s response?… Continue Reading →

“No Collusion” Claim Blown out of Water by GOP Senate Report

~SUMMARY~ The Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday released the long-awaited last installment of its report on Russian involvement in corrupting the 2016 presidential election. The committee is majority-controlled by Trump Republicans. The report blows Trump World’s mendacious mantra of “No collusion”… Continue Reading →

Trump Attacks Biden VP Pick, Kamala Harris; He Would’ve Attacked Virgin Mary

~SUMMARY~ A Trump supporter opined that latte liberals like me might think she’s great, but Donald will “tear apart Kamala Harris.” I did go through a brief latte phase, but my coffee drink has been a working-class red eye for… Continue Reading →

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