Childhood Parental Abandonment

Parental abandonment is probably the most traumatic nonviolent development that can happen to a child. My father barely knew his dad and was shuffled between his mother and stepfather, and grandmother and grandfather during his youth. He was a good… Continue Reading →

Epilogue: 2nd Trump Impeachment; Belief vs. Knowledge

  Belief vs. Knowledge What is belief? What distinguishes knowledge? What happens when people fail to differentiate between the two? We get the consecutive epistemic crises of a Trump presidency and the post-Trump disinformation universe. First let me give credit… Continue Reading →

“Democracy Has Prevailed” (— Pres. Biden)

  This is my last weekly commentary on the Trump presidency. (I will do one more piece for the book down the road: an epilogue tying up some Trumpian loose ends.) I can hear the cheers coming back at me… Continue Reading →

It’s Finally Happening: Supporting Trump Is More Costly Than Not

  It’s finally happening. In the wake of the Pro-Trump riots in Washington, D.C., last week, Republican lawmakers and luminaries are determining that maintaining support for Donald Trump is more costly to their careers, financial well-being, and country club standing… Continue Reading →

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