Losers Anonymous

  New 12-Step Group [NEW MEMBER:] “Hi. My name’s Donald, and I’m a loser.” [GROUP:] “Hi, Donald.” Also, “Keep comin’ back”; “One day at a time”; “Let go and let God”; and “Denial is not a river in Egypt.” “[Donald… Continue Reading →

We Give Thanks: Mass Homicide Voted out – Integrity, Competence, Compassion In

  I have two things to discuss today. 1) Article Title First, let me address this week’s article title, “We Give Thanks: Mass Homicide Voted out – Integrity, Competence, Compassion In.” The latter phrase needs no explanation. Regarding the “Mass… Continue Reading →

Trumpism Causes Heavy Hearts

  Outside of my spouse, the number of family members with whom it’s safe to talk politics has just dropped to zero. I’m sad about this. Like Sons to Me I have 20-something nephews who are like sons to me…. Continue Reading →

Truism #1: “You May Hear Statements Detrimental to Our Republic”

  2020 Election Truisms #2) Joe Biden is the duly elected, legitimate president-elect. He will be inaugurated Jan. 20, 2021. #3) Donald Trump has successfully created another lie that won’t die: “The stolen election.” Trump and GOP enablers are endangering… Continue Reading →

Election Day Tuesday, Still Counting, It’s Close

  Election Day has dragged into Election Week. A half-dozen or so battleground states still are counting their mail-in ballots because those Republican state legislatures refused to consider requests to allow the counting to begin a day or three before… Continue Reading →

Critical Thinking: “Pro-Life” Vote Must Include Consideration for the Post-Born

  — 228,000 U.S. COVID-19 deaths, half due to corruption and incompetence * — 5,400 migrant children caged away from their parents for months in a strange land ** Trump supporters still holding on are either grossly, willfully disinformed or… Continue Reading →

If You’re Under 88, It IS “The Most Important Election of …” Yada, Yada

  “Most Important Election of …” Yada, Yada Many people have been decrying the overuse of the declarative noun-phrase “most important election of our lifetime.” They think it’s like word inflation: it doesn’t mean (or buy) what it used to…. Continue Reading →

Undecided: “Gee, I Guess I’ll Vote for 4 More Years of Trump”

  You know, I’m really undecided about this election. They say it’s the most important election of our lifetimes. But I’m just not sure. So I did some reading and some talking to a smart friend. Here’s what I found… Continue Reading →

Trump Infected — AND He Got the Virus

~SUMMARY~ The U.S. — with the greatest health expertise in the world — accounts for 4.2% of Earth’s population, 21% of world COVID-19 deaths. You do the math. The president literally is allowing Americans to die needlessly. His malfeasance has… Continue Reading →

POTUS Debate #1: “Oh Yeah, I Want 4 More Years of THAT”

~SUMMARY~ There was a presidential debate this week, a once-in-a-lifetime rhetorical event. I won’t go into detail because historians and pundits are flooding the airwaves already. Let me just say, the word “logorrhea” underwent a 56,000% increase in lookups on… Continue Reading →

“Death Cult”: Fascism 101

~SUMMARY~ I used to say MAGA was “like” a cult. Now I say it clearly “is” a cult. Trump is the leader, with the brainwashing skills of Manson, Jones, and the rest of the best. I used to say Donald… Continue Reading →

Progressive Babies (Cut off Nose, Spite Face)

~SUMMARY~ It’s bad enough I have to fight with Trump Republicans: brainwashed MAGA cult members for whom absolutely nothing matters. I’ve also encountered a group of “true progressive” babies who want to boycott Joe Biden and blow it all up… Continue Reading →

“A Dog Biscuit in Every Pot!”

~SUMMARY~ We already know Donald is corrupt to the core. We already know he’s a liar, a traitorous cheat. We already know he holds deep contempt for the military and he’s a serial sexual pig. Now with Bob Woodward’s new… Continue Reading →

Trump Supporters: Here Are the True Deal-Breakers

~SUMMARY~ [FACT]: Virtually all racists support Donald Trump over Joe Biden. I’m not saying President Trump is a racist. Draw your own conclusion. Now consider Donald’s “pro-life” people who want to repeal Roe v. Wade at the expense of everything… Continue Reading →

Trump Doctrine: “Every Day It’s Something Else. Who Cares?”

~SUMMARY~ In unguarded conversations released this week, President Trump’s older sister, former federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, exposed him to the world for what he is: a cruel, ignorant grifter. This revelation would end any other politician’s career. Donald’s response?… Continue Reading →

“No Collusion” Claim Blown out of Water by GOP Senate Report

~SUMMARY~ The Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday released the long-awaited last installment of its report on Russian involvement in corrupting the 2016 presidential election. The committee is majority-controlled by Trump Republicans. The report blows Trump World’s mendacious mantra of “No collusion”… Continue Reading →

Trump Attacks Biden VP Pick, Kamala Harris; He Would’ve Attacked Virgin Mary

~SUMMARY~ A Trump supporter opined that latte liberals like me might think she’s great, but Donald will “tear apart Kamala Harris.” I did go through a brief latte phase, but my coffee drink has been a working-class red eye for… Continue Reading →

Conservatively Estimated Trump-Caused Deaths: 79,134

~SUMMARY~ The biggest story of the Trump presidency continues to be his responsibility for a conservatively estimated half — equaling 79,134 to date — of all U.S. coronavirus deaths. Note that the U.S. accounts for 4.3% of Earth’s population but… Continue Reading →

Needless Virus Deaths, Separated Children. Why Are White Evangelicals Unmoved?!

~SUMMARY~ Donald has allowed a conservatively estimated 75,358 unnecessary pandemic deaths to date. He’s separated thousands of migrant young children from their parents, locking them up in squalor, causing lifelong-lasting trauma. There is no estimating how many Puerto Rican lives… Continue Reading →

Conservatively Estimated Trump Malfeasance Pandemic Deaths: 71,596 – to Date

~SUMMARY~ The biggest story of the Trump presidency continues to be that he is responsible for a conservatively estimated half — equaling 71,596 to date — of all U.S. coronavirus pandemic deaths. This is on top of, after, all his… Continue Reading →

Pandemic Deaths Due to Trump Malfeasance: 68,709 – so Far

~SUMMARY~ The time to be frank about the president’s damage to the U.S. and its citizens is long past. Donald Trump’s corrupt coronavirus response policies are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. I’m calculating my new… Continue Reading →

Corrupt, Incompetent, Amoral

~SUMMARY~ [[[A Refresher, Very Partial List]]] — ASSOCIATES CONVICTED OF CRIMES: Donald has six associates convicted of campaign crimes — GEORGE FLOYD PROTESTS: Donald violently dispersed peaceful protesters; he intentionally inflamed national racial tensions — HURRICANE MARIA: Donald withheld and… Continue Reading →

Dog-Bites-Man News; No — Many Dogs Bite Many Men

~SUMMARY~ This week brings more — MUCH more — of the same bad Trumpian news: many dogs biting many men. Red state governors finally have seen the coronavirus light, with hospitals overwhelmed. But President Trump has grown quieter with each… Continue Reading →

My TOP 10 Liberal Responses to MAGA Male Bovine Excreta

~SUMMARY~ I’m treating readers to my Top 10 liberal responses to Trump, GOP bullsh*t. Play the home game. Impress your friends. Shut down Uncle Ed and his MAGA hat at the next family barbecue. President Trump has exacerbated exponentially the… Continue Reading →

GOP Senators: Nothing to See Here, Business as Usual

~SUMMARY~ Under President Trump, America’s house on the otherwise decent world community block continues to deteriorate. The roof is sagging. The yard is overgrown with weeds. It desperately needs a paint job. Several junk cars crowd the driveway. The head… Continue Reading →

Why Wide Acceptance of BLM Now? Trump, of Course

~SUMMARY~ One question has loomed since George Floyd’s death: Why are THESE protests setting records for participation and broad ethnic makeup? It’s because Donald Trump has been president for three and a half years, and even the nicest Caucasian families… Continue Reading →

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