Needless Virus Deaths, Separated Children. Why Are White Evangelicals Unmoved?!

~SUMMARY~ Donald has allowed a conservatively estimated 75,358 unnecessary pandemic deaths to date. He’s separated thousands of migrant young children from their parents, locking them up in squalor, causing lifelong-lasting trauma. There is no estimating how many Puerto Rican lives… Continue Reading →

Conservatively Estimated Trump Malfeasance Pandemic Deaths: 71,596 – to Date

~SUMMARY~ The biggest story of the Trump presidency continues to be that he is responsible for a conservatively estimated half — equaling 71,596 to date — of all U.S. coronavirus pandemic deaths. This is on top of, after, all his… Continue Reading →

Pandemic Deaths Due to Trump Malfeasance: 68,709 – so Far

~SUMMARY~ The time to be frank about the president’s damage to the U.S. and its citizens is long past. Donald Trump’s corrupt coronavirus response policies are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. I’m calculating my new… Continue Reading →

Corrupt, Incompetent, Amoral

~SUMMARY~ [[[A Refresher, Very Partial List]]] — ASSOCIATES CONVICTED OF CRIMES: Donald has six associates convicted of campaign crimes — GEORGE FLOYD PROTESTS: Donald violently dispersed peaceful protesters; he intentionally inflamed national racial tensions — HURRICANE MARIA: Donald withheld and… Continue Reading →

Dog-Bites-Man News; No — Many Dogs Bite Many Men

~SUMMARY~ This week brings more — MUCH more — of the same bad Trumpian news: many dogs biting many men. Red state governors finally have seen the coronavirus light, with hospitals overwhelmed. But President Trump has grown quieter with each… Continue Reading →

My TOP 10 Liberal Responses to MAGA Male Bovine Excreta

~SUMMARY~ I’m treating readers to my Top 10 liberal responses to Trump, GOP bullsh*t. Play the home game. Impress your friends. Shut down Uncle Ed and his MAGA hat at the next family barbecue. President Trump has exacerbated exponentially the… Continue Reading →

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