Anti-Trump Curious

There are many Republican Anti-Trumpers. Unfortunately, none of those currently are serving in the U.S. legislature. I keep an ongoing list, which grows weekly. Some entries are Never-Trumpers, those who can boast they never supported the president and never will…. Continue Reading →

“There’s Never Been a President Like President Trump” (— DJT)

The irony of this self-admission is almost too overwhelming to take in. It’s like seeing the northern lights or Grand Canyon for the first time. The juxtaposition of universal vastness and personal smallness takes your breath away. In this case,… Continue Reading →

Dog Bites Man: Gun Violence Won’t Change Under Trump’s GOP

Much of the El Paso shooter’s online diatribe tracks closely with language President Trump has used since he launched his first campaign in 2015. Many observers submit that if you delete the blatant references to killing, Trump’s and the shooter’s… Continue Reading →

“Rat AND Rodent Infested Mess”

At first glance, it appears Donald doesn’t know rats are rodents. But he’s smarter than you. He wants his detractors to think he’s an incompetent, corrupt, cretinous, amoral con man from Queens who found himself rocketed into the high-dollar New… Continue Reading →

“I Hope This Is Not the New Normal — but I Fear It Is”

Mr. Mueller was referring in his testimony to the practice of seeking, accepting, and welcoming foreign election help, even if it falls (just) short of criminality. Yeah, Mueller was shaky. He “juddered.” But because Mueller’s performance was juddering, we should… Continue Reading →

GOP: All Truth Is Deniable

“Go back where you came from” is one of THE most well-known racist things someone can say to members of a minority group. There is nary a teenager alive in America who doesn’t know this. But most Republicans are denying… Continue Reading →

Mad About Trump

If the phrase “end of an era” ever meant anything, this is it: As of October 2019, iconic “Mad” magazine will no longer produce new content after 67 years of publishing cutting-edge sardonic, sarcastic, satiric social commentary and plain old… Continue Reading →

“It’s a Good Way to Get Kids to Skool”

Donald clearly did not know what “busing” is, as referred to in the question from NBC’s Kristen Welker. You could just see the wheels turning in Trump’s head, his mouth spewing gibberish to stall while his brain tried to manufacture… Continue Reading →

If Weakness Is Provocative, Stupidity Is Suicidal

How stupid a commander in chief do you have to be to order a military strike on an adversary without a casualty estimate from your generals (“… great people these generals”)? And if it was a bluff — a crazy-like-a-fox… Continue Reading →

“You’re Being a Little Wise Guy, OK?”

Last week, Donald Trump made the mistake of submitting to an interview by a legitimate, objective reporter. The journalist, George Stephanopoulos, and ABC News retained full editorial control per journalistic standards and ethics. This was confirmed when Donald demanded a… Continue Reading →

Trump Lists: Pro(-removal) & Con(victs)

Confounding principled conservatives — and virtually all Democrats — is how currently serving Republicans have thrown their reputations out the window to support Trump. For most of them, their malfeasance is based wholly upon tweet-attack-a-phobia and self-preservation. Any daylight between… Continue Reading →

Trump Supporters Are People, Too

I have no patience for Trump supporters at this stage of his presidency. If a pro-Trumper repents, however, even now, I will welcome her into the congregation, with complete absolution. I will support her. I will comfort and forgive her…. Continue Reading →

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