Dignity and Respect

[Doug Jones’ win hastens downfall of Trump and Trumpism] — RECENT HEADLINES — “WH Comm. Director Hope Hicks Questioned by Mueller’s Team Over Past 2 Full Days” (12/8/2017) “Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Releases 1-Page ‘Report’ Declaring Tax Plan Pays for Itself”… Continue Reading →

Flynn Flips — and so Does Flake, Collins, McCain, and the RNC

[As Russia probe threatens to suffocate White House, GOP Tax plan threatens to suffocate American people] — RECENT HEADLINES — “President Pressured Senate Judiciary Cmte. Chair, Members to End Russia Investigation” (11/30/2017) “Sessions Declines to Answer House Cmte.: ‘Did President… Continue Reading →

Traditional Thanksgiving: Turn on the Game and Please Pass the Nationalism

[President Trump’s racist appeal: Implementing discriminatory policies while denying they are discriminatory] — RECENT HEADLINES — “Michael Flynn’s Lawyers Cut Contact With Trump Team, Signaling Mueller Cooperation” (11/23/2017) “John Conyers (D-MI) Vacates House Judiciary Cmte. Seat Over Harassment Charges” (11/26/2017)… Continue Reading →

Sexual Harassment: Degrees and Patterns

[And don’t give me that “locker-room talk” defense. Men don’t say those things in locker rooms or anywhere else unless they mean it.] — RECENT HEADLINES — “Jared Kushner Withheld Russia Emails From Senate Judiciary Committee” (11/16/2017) “Trump Begins Paying… Continue Reading →

The Embarrassment Tour

[World leaders do not respect nor trust President Trump; they are patronizing him while biding their time] — RECENT HEADLINES — “DOJ Considering Special Counsel to Investigate Hillary Clinton, to Appease President” (11/13/2017) “Donald Trump Jr. Had Undisclosed Contacts With… Continue Reading →

“Trumpism Without Trump”: Going Down Like Trumpism WITH Trump

[MAGA hats for sale — cheap] — RECENT HEADLINES — “President’s Ignorance of DOJ Independence Expands; Ups Calls to Ignore Russia and Jail Hillary” (11/3/2017) “Trump Begins 12-Day Tour of Asian Countries, Meetings With Leaders” (11/5/2017) “26 Murdered at Texas… Continue Reading →

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