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[FREE E-BOOKS:] New Book Series by Tom Ersin

Read a Book, Leave a Review. These are Tom Ersin’s two new books, a subseries of his history of the Trump presidency. They comprise a record of the dysfunction and disruption most people were too busy to keep up with… Continue Reading →

[BOOK INTRODUCTION:] Trump’s Corruption Explained – and Documented

Part of former President Trump’s charm is that his assault on the presidency and our collective sense of decency was so massive that each weekly or daily offense was buried in a mountain of malfeasance. Each was lost in his… Continue Reading →

[BOOK EXCERPT:] Trumpism: Withdraw Support, Value Democracy

Withdrawing support for Trumpism simply means you value American representative democracy, though imperfect, over encroaching autocracy. You value integrity and faculty, though fallible, over corruption, incompetence, and amorality. You value honesty, though never absolute, over inveterate mendacity. You believe that… Continue Reading →

Malignant Lie: The Bane of Humankind

The bane of humankind is the malignant lie, employed by the malevolent liar for depraved self-interest, in politics and families. The ability to initiate and sustain the lie takes no special talent nor intellect, only the capacity to abandon personal… Continue Reading →

[BOOK EPILOGUE:] Belief vs. Knowledge; Impeachment – Again

Belief vs. Knowledge What is belief? What distinguishes knowledge? What happens when people fail to differentiate between the two? We get the consecutive epistemic crises of a Trump presidency and the post-Trump disinformation universe. First let me give credit to… Continue Reading →

IBATR: Critical Thinking Primer

These books reside on a foundation of critically thoughtful communication. This is communication that consistently incorporates the principles of critical thinking and best supports the ethical, accurate transfer of information. It does not involve intellectual hoop-jumping or mental gymnastics that… Continue Reading →

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