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These are Tom Ersin’s two new books, a subseries of his history of the Trump presidency. They comprise a record of the dysfunction and disruption most people were too busy to keep up with because they had a life. The gravity of the depravity got by them. And let’s face it: Many of us were fooled. Donald takes full advantage of the reality in that famous saying: Before the truth can get its Ivanka Brand Women’s Lory3 Ankle Booties zipped up, the lie is halfway around the world.

Purchase books by Tom ErsinTrumpism: Why Traditional Republicans Should Withdraw Support [2017-2021: A Primer] (by Tom Ersin)  Trump’s Last Year in Office: Two Impeachments and 400,000 FuneralsPurchase books by Tom Ersin

Trumpism: Why Traditional Republicans Should Withdraw Support [2017-2021: A Primer]

2023 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS FINALIST. Are you anti-Trump but get tongue-tied when explaining your disapproval? Here’s a concise 7-point roadmap, 7 documented examples of unfitness for office — no matter what possible “good” he has done.

Trump’s Last Year in Office: Two Impeachments and 400,000 Funerals

It couldn’t get any worse — until COVID, when 200,000 Americans died needlessly. By late 2020, Mr. Trump’s presidency had descended into catastrophic pandemic malfeasance, impeachment, and a near-2nd Great Depression. “I told you so” had been supplanted by “How do we save the country?” The November election truly was going to be the most important of our lifetimes.

These two books recapture the chronic reprobate behavior forgotten by the masses that had made headlines, was widely decried over a news cycle or two, then disappeared into a sea of Trumpian profligacy. No regular person could keep track of it all — which was the point, the plan.

Read a few pages. See if you’re drawn in. If so, please tell The New York Times Book Review — or the Pulitzer Committee, whichever one is easier. All seriousness aside, thanks for your interest in the books. And please leave a review on Amazon.