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(2023) This book is about nuclear and extended family relationships: the good, the bad, and the dysfunctional. Have you ever wondered why certain members are manipulative, malicious, and even sociopathic, often attempting to split family? While others exhibit integrity and treat members with love and humanity? All of us are affected by our childhood. Many emerge well adjusted; some emerge fearful, angry, and lacking self-worth. We go on to further develop personal attributes, have families, and assume our orbits within the greater extended family constellation.

The manipulative and malicious members are driven by selfishness, greed, insecurity, and unfounded petty grievance — and sometimes by emotional or personality disorders. The majority of us, though always falling short of perfection, are driven by inherent love and respect, that is, humanity. Other, passive family members occupy the middle, trying to find their way, struggling with being manipulated, caught between integrity and weakness.

This book also is about recovery from dysfunction and building resilience, the ability to bounce back from tribulation and distress (possibly an entire adolescence’s worth) to be emotionally stronger. It’s about traveling the continuous road of self-improvement — seeking integrity over weakness — starting from wherever you find yourself right now. Or not.■   [Please leave a review.]


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(2022) This slim volume is a smart, succinct compilation of the dysfunction and disruption most people were too busy to keep up with because they had a life. The gravity of the depravity got by them. And let’s face it: Many of us were fooled. Donald takes full advantage of the reality in that famous saying: Before the truth can get its Ivanka Brand Women’s Lory3 Ankle Booties zipped up, the lie is halfway around the world.

Trumpism: Why is a compelling abstract of the most jarring presidential administration in American history. It recaptures the chronic reprobate behavior forgotten by the masses, that had made headlines, was widely decried over a news cycle or two, then had disappeared into the sea of Trumpian profligacy. No regular person could keep track of it all — which was the point, the plan.■   [Please leave a review.]


Trump’s Last Year in Office: Two Impeachments and 400,000 FuneralsFree – PDF Book  Free – Universal E-Book  $3.99 – Kindle E-Book  $12.00 – Paperback

(2022) Unlike the rom-com film Four Weddings and a Funeral, the story in this book, Trump’s Last Year in Office: Two Impeachments and 400,000 Funerals, was a preventable tragedy, a national apocalypse. From Mr. Trump’s extortion of Ukraine’s president, to the intentional venal mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, to fomenting a violent takeover of Congress and then implementing a literal coup attempt to retain power after his reelection loss, it was all preventable. How? By promoting a more critically thoughtful electorate. By nurturing a more empathetic population, less susceptible to selfish white grievance and more conscious of humanity as a whole.

This volume is a weekly roundup of the 2020 White House dysfunction and disruption that most people were too busy to keep up with because they had a life. Careful observers know that Mr. Trump did more damage to the presidency, American governmental institutions, and the rule of law in his first three years as president than likely any U.S. chief executive before him. But fortunately he had been confronted with no serious global crises, at least no crises he himself hadn’t created.

In early 2020 the crisis hit. A deadly pandemic brought the world to its knees. President Trump didn’t cause the plague, but his jackleg response produced a conservatively estimated 200,000 needless COVID-19 deaths, half the U.S. total during his administration (based on documentation).

How? The president wanted only to project optimism in the 2020 election year. He thought leading on pandemic prevention and medical equipment production would interfere with national optimism. Doing so, he believed, would hurt his economy, cost him reelection, and remove the presidential immunity that had been shielding him from myriad legal and financial investigations and prosecutions. Instead he took the lead on playing down, ignoring, and politicizing the crisis.

The story of President Trump’s last year in office also includes the obsequious enabling of his crimes and other depravity by almost all elected Republicans in Congress. They protected him in committees. They defended him in the media. And they shielded him with their impeachment acquittal votes in spite of the deadliest and most despicable atrocities ever committed by an American president.■   [Please leave a review.]


Trump’s Presidency: A Real-Time Commentative History [2017-2019] Trump’s Presidency: A Real-Time Commentative History [2019-2021]

(2022) Trump’s Presidency: A Real-Time Commentative History [2017-2019] and [2019-2021] — This complete book collection comprises 160-plus consecutive weekly roundup articles spanning 1,400-plus pages charting the Trump presidency from the perspective of a long-time avid political observer. Think of it as an in-depth every-Thursday recap of all the news you were too busy to consume because you were tied up with life and didn’t realize the depth of malfeasance and disinformation. It’s all here in one place. When you see Ersin’s opinion you’ll know it. Much more often, when you see facts, quotations, and details, their accuracy has been backed up by careful research and citation.


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