(Filed: 1/17/1997)    [FLORES AGREEMENT]  “Stipulated Settlement Agreement”: Regarding Treatment of Minors Apprehended by INS  (announced: 1/17/97)

(Filed: 7/xx/2016)     [DOSSIER, TRUMP-RUSSIA]  The Trump Dossier: Produced by Christopher Steele  (published by BuzzFeed: 1/10/17)

(Filed: xx/xx/2016)   [TRUMP-COHEN TAPE]  “The Trump-Michael Cohen Tape Transcript, Annotated”  (released 7/24/18)

(Filed: 8/2/2017)       [ROD ROSENSTEIN / BOB MUELLER / PAUL MANAFORT]  Rosenstein Memo to Mueller  (announced: 4/2/18)

(Filed: 9/7/2017)       [DONALD TRUMP JR.]  “[Senate] Interview of Donald J. Trump Jr.”  (announced: 5/16/18)

(Filed: 10/3/2017)     [GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS]  Stipulation and Plea Agreement  (announced: 10/30/17)

(Filed: 10/xx/2017)   [CARTER PAGE]  FISA Warrant  (announced: 7/21/18)

(Filed: 10/27/2017)   [PAUL MANAFORT / RICK GATES]  Indictment  (announced: 10/30/17)

(Filed: 11/30/2017)   [MICHAEL FLYNN]  Plea Agreement Documents   (announced: 12/1/17)

(Filed: 8/22/2017)     [FUSION GPS]  Fusion GPS (Glenn Simpson) Testimony to Senate Judiciary Committee: Released by Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), ranking member  (released: 1/9/18)

(Filed: 11/14/2017)   [FUSION GPS]  Fusion GPS (Glenn Simpson) Testimony to House Intelligence Committee: Released by the committee, ranking member  (released: 1/18/18)

(Filed: 1/29/2018)     [TRUMP LEGAL MEMO TO MUELLER]  “The Trump Lawyers’ Confidential Memo to Mueller, Explained”  (announced: 6/2/18)

(Filed: 2/2/2018)       [RICK GATES]  Superseding Criminal Information, Statement of Offense, Plea Agreement  (announced: 2/23/18)

(Filed: 2/2/2018)       [MEMO, REPUBLICAN]  Devin Nunes Memo: GOP-controlled House Intelligence Committee’s summary of alleged anti-Trump bias in the FBI, DOJ, and FISA court  (released: 2/2/18)

(Filed: 2/12/2018)     [RICHARD PINEDO]  “Statement of the Offense”  (announced: 2/16/18)

(Filed: 2/14/2018)     [ALEX VAN DER ZWAAN]  Information, Statement of Offense, Plea Agreement  (announced: 2/20/18)

(Filed: 2/16/2018)     [13 RUSSIANS, 3 RUSSIAN COMPANIES]  “Indictment”  (announced: 2/16/18)

(Filed: 2/22/2018)     [PAUL MANAFORT / RICK GATES]  “Superseding Indictment  (announced: 2/22/18)

(Filed: 2/23/2018)     [RICK GATES]  Plea Agreement Offer  (announced: 2/23/18)

(Filed: 2/24/2018)     [MEMO, DEMOCRATIC]  Adam Schiff Memo: House Intelligence Committee’s Democratic rebuttal to GOP memo alleging anti-Trump bias in the FBI, DOJ, and FISA court  (released: 2/24/18)

(Filed: 2/28/2018)     [PAUL MANAFORT]  “Status Report”  (announced: 3/8/18)

(Filed: 3/13/2018)     [HOUSE REPORT, DEMOCRATIC]   Status of the Russia Investigation: Democratic House Intel. Cmte. Report  (released: 3/13/18)

(Filed: 3/22/2018)     [HOUSE REPORT, REPUBLICAN: RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE]  “Report on Russian Active Measures” (redacted)  (announced: 4/27/18)

(Filed: 3/26/2018)     [HOUSE REPORT, DEMOCRATIC: RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE]  “Report on Russian Active Measures: Minority Views” (redacted)  (announced: 4/27/18)

(Filed: 3/27/2018)     [ALEX VAN DER ZWAAN / PAUL MANAFORT]  “Government’s Sentencing Memorandum”  (announced: 3/27/18)

(Filed: 4/2/2018)       [PAUL MANAFORT]  “Government’s Response in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss”  (announced: 4/2/18)

(Filed: 4/19/2018)     [JAMES COMEY MEMOS]  Former FBI Director James Comey’s Redacted Memos About Trump Conversations  (announced: 4/19/18)

(Filed: 4/20/2018)     [DNC LAWSUIT]  “Read the Full DNC Lawsuit Filed Against Russia, the Trump Campaign, and Wikileaks”  (announced: 4/20/18)

(Filed: 5/8/2018)       [MICHAEL COHEN BANK RECORDS]  “Michael Avenatti Executive Summary Alleging Payments To Cohen Shell Corp”  (announced: 5/8/18)

(Filed: 6/8/2018)       [PAUL MANAFORT – KONSTANTIN KALIMNIK]  “Superseding Indictment”  (announced: 6/8/18)

(Filed: 7/13/2018)     [12 RUSSIANS FROM GRU, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE] “Indictment”  (announced: 7/13/18)

(Filed: 7/17/2018)     [MARIA BUTINA]  “Indictment”  (announced: 7/17/18)

(Filed: 12/4/2018)     [MICHAEL FLYNN]  “Addendum to Government’s Memorandum in Aid of Sentencing”  (announced: 12/4/18)

(Filed: 12/6/2018)     [MARIA BUTINA]  Plea Deal: “Statement of Offense”  (announced: 12/13/18)

(Filed: 12/7/2018)     [MICHAEL COHEN]  “Government’s Sentencing Memorandum” (Mueller)  (announced: 12/7/18)

(Filed: 12/7/2018)     [MICHAEL COHEN]  “The Government’s Sentencing Memorandum” (SDNY)  (announced: 12/7/18)

(Filed: 12/7/2018)     [PAUL MANAFORT]  “Government’s Submission in Support of Its Breach Determination”  (announced: 12/7/18)

(Filed: 12/12/2018)   [MICHAEL COHEN]  Michael Cohen’s Statement Sentencing  (announced: 12/12/18)

(Filed: 12/14/2018)   [MICHAEL FLYNN]  “Government’s Reply to Defendant’s Memorandum in Aid of Sentencing  (announced: 12/14/18)

(Filed: 1/15/2019)     [PAUL MANAFORT]  “Declaration in Support ofthe Government’s Breach Determination and Sentencing”  (announced: 1/15/19)

(Filed: 1/25/2019)     [ROGER STONE]  “Indictment”  (announced: 1/25/19)

(Filed: 3/22/2019)     [WILLIAM BARR, ROBERT MUELLER]  Attorney General’s Letter Acknowledging Receipt of the Mueller Report  (announced: 3/22/19)

(Filed: 3/24/2019)     [WILLIAM BARR, ROBERT MUELLER]  Attorney General’s 4-Page Summary of the Mueller Report  (announced: 3/24/19)

(Filed: 3/29/2019)     [WILLIAM BARR, ROBERT MUELLER]  Attorney General’s Letter Clarifying His non-“Summary,” Details of Imminent Mueller Report Release  (announced: 3/29/19)

(Filed: 4/4/2019)       [WILLIAM BARR, ROBERT MUELLER]  DOJ Statement Explaining/Defending Attorney General Barr’s Handling of Mueller Report  (announced: 4/4/19)

(Filed: 3/22/2019)     [MUELLER REPORT – FULL]  “Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election”  (released: 4/18/19)

(Filed: 3/22/2019)     [MUELLER REPORT – EXECUTIVE SUMMARIES]  Mueller Report Intros and Executive Summaries  (released: 4/18/19)

(Filed: 7/25/2019)     [TRUMP-UKRAINE CALL – ROUGH TRANSCRIPT]  Trump-Ukraine Call, Rough Transcript  (released: 9/25/19)

(Filed: 8/12/2019)     [WHISTLEBLOWER COMPLAINT]  Whistleblower Complaint From Intelligence Community Regarding Trump, Ukraine  (released: 9/26/19)

(Filed: 10/3/2019)     [UKRAINE DIPLOMATS’ TEXT MESSAGES]  Texts Provided by Former Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker  (released: 10/3/19)

(Filed: 10/8/2019)     [WHITE HOUSE LETTER TO CONGRESS]  White House Letter to Congress Declining all Cooperation With Impeachment Inquiry  (released: 10/8/19)

(Filed: 10/22/2019)   [AMB. TAYLOR OPENING STATEMENT]  Acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor’s Opening Statement to Congressional Testimony  (released: 10/22/19)

(Filed: 12/2/2019)     [GOP IMPEACHMENT REPORT “PRE-BUTTAL”]  Report of Evidence in the Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry in the House of Representatives  (released: 12/2/19)

(Filed: 12/3/2019)     [HOUSE INTEL. IMPEACHMENT REPORT]  Report of Evidence in the Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry in the House of Representatives  (released: 12/3/19)

(Filed: 12/10/2019)   [ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT]  Articles of Impeachment  (released: 12/10/19)

(Filed: 12/17/2019)   [TRUMP PRE-IMPEACHMENT LETTER TO PELOSI]  President Trump’s Pre-Impeachment Letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi  (released: 12/17/19)