Thank Jesus for the anti-Trump Republicans who have given us permission to say “Happy Holidays” again. During Donald’s War Against the War on Christmas, we were not allowed to combine Christmas and New Year’s greetings into one concise salutation encompassing the love for humankind many people feel through the period starting just before Dec. 25 and ending shortly after Jan. 1. Instead, we were forced to delineate exactly which holiday we were offering greetings for: either “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year.” Any attempt at merging the two into “Happy Holidays” was considered blasphemy and an affront to religious (read: Christian) freedom.

But now that President Trump has lost his War on the War Against Christmas, he might be looking for conflagrationist opportunities in Iran and Iraq. That certainly would take the nation’s focus off impeachment.

What is killing 25 Iranian militia members in retaliation for the death of one American contractor? A good start.

With our religious freedom now restored (including the right to secularism), and the “Happy Holidays” over with, it’s time to return to the business of saving our country.

Perhaps the holiday flirtation with love for humankind has touched some GOP legislators. Perhaps the rising tensions in Iran and Iraq are scaring the bejesus out of them, knowing the inept, self-dealing Trump is pulling the levers of foreign policy.

It is telling to note the long list of prominent Republicans who put country over party. Now juxtapose these with the long list of Republican invertebrates in Congress who, solely for seat-preservation, have decided to hold their noses, look the other way, and let a corrupt, incompetent, amoral president continue to degrade the presidency, endanger American democracy, and threaten foolish wars.

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I posted this list early in 2019, but it bears remembrance.

Anti-Trump Republicans List Redux

  • Al Cardenaspolitical consultant, commentator
  • Ana Navarropolitical consultant, commentator
  • Anthony Scaramuccipolitical consultant, commentator, fmr. Trump communications director
  • Barbara Bushfmr. first lady
  • Bill Kristol political consultant, commentator
  • Bill Weldfmr. governor (Mass.)
  • Bob Corkerfmr. senator (Tenn.)
  • Charlie Sykes political commentator
  • Christine Todd Whitmanfmr. EPA administrator (George W. Bush), fmr. governor (N.J.)
  • Colin Powellfmr. secretary of state (George W. Bush), fmr. Joint Chiefs Chairman (George H. W. Bush)
  • Dan Senorpolitical consultant
  • David Brooksauthor, political commentator
  • David Frumpolitical consultant, commentator
  • David Jolly fmr. U.S. rep. (Fla.); has left Trump’s Republican Party
  • Elise Jordanpolitical consultant, commentator
  • Evan McMullinfmr. CIA operations officer, fmr. presidential candidate
  • George ConwayWashington, D.C., attorney, spouse of Kellyanne
  • George H. W. Bushfmr. president
  • George W. Bushfmr. president
  • George Will author, political commentator; has left Trump’s Republican Party
  • Gordon Humphreyfmr. senator (N.H.); has left Trump’s Republican Party
  • Jeb Bushfmr. governor (Fla.)
  • Jeff Flakefmr. senator (Ariz.)
  • Jennifer Horn fmr. Log Cabin Republicans board member
  • Jennifer Rubin political commentator
  • Joe Scarborough political commentator, fmr. U.S. rep. (Fla.); has left Trump’s Republican Party
  • Joe Walsh fmr. U.S. rep. (Ill.)
  • John Kasichfmr. governor (Ohio)
  • John McCainfmr. senator (Ariz.)
  • John Podhoretzpolitical commentator
  • Justin AmashU.S. rep. (Mich.); has left Trump’s Republican Party
  • Laura Bushfmr. first lady
  • Mark Sanfordfmr. U.S. rep. (S.C.), fmr. governor (S.C.)
  • Max Boot military historian, political commentator; has left Trump’s Republican Party
  • Michael Steelpolitical consultant, commentator
  • Michael S. Steelefmr. RNC chair, political consultant, commentator
  • Mike Murphypolitical consultant, commentator
  • Nicolle Wallacepolitical consultant, commentator
  • Richard Painterfmr. chief White House ethics lawyer (George W. Bush)
  • Rick Wilsonpolitical consultant, commentator
  • Sophia A. Nelsonpolitical consultant, commentator
  • Steve Schmidtpolitical consultant, commentator; has left Trump’s Republican Party
  • Stuart Stevenspolitical consultant
  • Susan Del Perciopolitical consultant, commentator
  • Tom Colemanfmr. U.S. rep. (Mo.)
  • William Millikenfmr. governor (Mich.

Impeachment Timeline — This Week

[RECAP]: 12/21/2019 — White House emails (released through FOIA request) crystallize Ukraine aid timeline: 90 minutes after July 25 Trump-Ukraine call, White House ordered OMB to withhold Ukrainian aid and keep this directive secret

[RECAP]: 12/24/2019 — Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) says she’s “disturbed” at Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s (R-Ky.) vow of “total coordination” with White House during impeachment trial, statement that verdict is predetermined; Murkowski is first GOP senator threatening to break with GOP leadership; Trump World extremely nervous

 [IMPEACHMENT: DAY 94 — 12/26/19]

12/26/2019 — New York Times exposé details multiple highest-level aides trying to dissuade Trump from illegally holding up military aid to Ukraine; report of 84 days, between Trump’s first aid inquiry to his forced release of aid after whistleblower report, bolsters impeachment case, creates increased pressure to call witnesses such as Giuliani, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Bolton